Speedy Chia Crunchy Breakfast

In a hurry? It only takes a minute to make this delicious chia breakfast. Whe the weather is warm its one of my favorite ways to have aquick, hearty chia breakfast. Its bound to be a favorite with people who enjoy their chia seeds whole and crunchy instead of gelled or blended. I’m sure you can think of many variations to the recipe below. I would love to hear your own ways of adapting it.


raw fruit – preferably something that doesn’t have to be cut up, like berries or grapes

Half to one cup of crunchy cereal such as a toasted muesli

1 to 2 tablespoons of black or white chia seeds

Milk or other liquid (coconut milk, almond milk, fruit juice)



Into the bowl goes some washed seedless grapes

speedy chia breakfast

step one

Add your crunchy cereal. I used a cruchy toasted, honeyed muesli with dried fruit

Step 2

Add your chia seeds, black or white

Step 3

Add milk or other liquid

Step 4

Enjoy your breakfast!

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