For your convenience, here is the list of all the recipes on the site. Click on the link to go to the recipe you want and enjoy.



chia gel – the basics of making chia gel and a recipe for a fruit juice gel

fruit gel yogurt swirl – a great breakfast dish or a quick dessert

chia seed puddings – serve hot or cold

chia coconut pudding – use powdered coconut or liquid coconut milk

chocolate cherry chia pudding – thick and delicious yet full of goodness



Smoothies – delicious, filling and nutritious, a few different smoothies to try here

Chia Fresca – wonderfully refreshing

New ways with Chia Fresca – interesting new twists on the traditional chia fresca



Chia Miso Super soup – two super foods in one dish

Chia Cauliflower Soup – very quick and easy to make and very tasty

Instant chia broth – a quick pick-me-up and/or appetite suppressant



Hearty chia breakfast eggs – a hearty, nutritious and tasty start to the day

Chilli chia fish cakes – a good way to “hide” chia seeds if you have picky eaters. Chilli can be left out if preferred

Cauliflower chia mash – chia and cauliflower go well together and make a side dish with a difference

Chia couscous – a savoury and a sweet couscous recipe for you to enjoy on this page

Italian chia meatballs – extra goodness and flavor added to ground beef

Chia seed stir fry sauces – a few difference stir fry sauces for you to try on this page

Chia seed omelets – highly nutritious and delicious



Chia creamed brown rice – a great dessert for kids

Chia Coffee Cream dessert – sophisticated, rich and oh so creamy

Chia Fruit Juice Jello – a fun dessert with the goodness of real fruit juice

Chia Couscous – a sweet version which can be used as a dessert

Chia Apple Pie Filling – a healthy, versaltile and delicious dessert base

Chia Pinole – Use your imagination. There are so many ways to enjoy this

Chia Pinole Fruit Puff – a quick, easy way to incorporate chia pinole in a comfort dessert

Chia Granola – a great satisfying breakfast dish

Chia Banana Pikelets – a decicious dessert or a breakfast treat

Speedy Chia Crunchy Breakfast – for when you are in a hurry or just because you want a healthy delicious treat



Chia Pan Bread nutritious and very filling. A great help for weight loss

Chia Banana Date Cookies – a favorite in our house

Chia Pinole Cookies – another way to use your pinole

Chia Brownies – my favorite chia brownie recipe and two variatios



40 ways to use chia seeds This list just keeps growing and has several contributions from our readers.

Reader Recipes – Wonderful recipes and ideas from our generous visitors



Chia Almond butter – wonderful on fresh bread or crisp crackers

Chia Berry Fruit Spread – I love it with fresh, plain yogurt on chia pan bread

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