Chia Seed Recipes and Ideas

chia seed recipesLooking for chia seed recipes? All our original and tested chia seed recipes are quick to make and easy to follow. We aim to get you started using chia seeds with confidence and also to give you some ideas on how to be more creative using them in your own recipes..

If you want to know how to use chia seeds, this site will give you information, techniques, recipes and plenty of ideas.

New recipes are being added frequently as we continue to try new ways of using these healthy little seeds.

Cooking with chia seeds is easy, fun and very healthy.

Chia seeds are tiny, hard and have a subtle nut-like flavor when chewed, but they have the unique property of absorbing liquid. When stirred into liquid they soften and absorb 9-12 times their own weight of the liquid. They take on the taste of whatever liquid they are placed in, which makes them ideal to use as a thickener in all sorts of recipes.

The high omega fat content of the seeds makes them useful as a substitute for butter or eggs in baking, which can cut down on calories and adds to their versatility.

If you have already bought chia seeds, then I invite you to try some of our recipes. If you have been thinking of trying them, the best place to buy is online, where you can often get a good price for 1lb to 5lb packs.

You can use black, white or mixed seeds, although its often easier to get black seeds. You can also purchase milled seeds, which are whole ground chia seeds. The nutritional value is roughly the same, no matter what colour seed you buy.



When you add chia seeds to your diet, you will soon begin to see the results. They are a true superfood, a powerhouse of nutrition. Most people soon notice an increase in energy, clearer thinking and a calmer, happier mood. The high fiber content aids regularity in a natural, gentle way.

After a couple of months you should notice clearer skin and more glossy hair, a result, I believe, of the high omega 3 content of the seeds. Because chia seeds digest slowly they make you feel fuller longer which can be an aid to weight loss.

The video below gives in-depth information on the nutritional value of these little seeds and also demonstrates how to make chia gel, which is the basis of many of the recipes on this site.



One to 2 tablespoons of chia seeds per day is a good amount for an adult. Children have less, say half to one tablespoon per day. As with any new food, its best to start off with a small amount and gradually build up. There are no known allergic responses to this food.

What do chia seeds taste like?

Chia seeds have a slightly nutty flavor when eaten on their own. When incorported into a recipe they do not have a noticeable taste. When chia seeds come into contact with the moisture in a recipe, be it a pudding, soup, cookie or smoothie they absorb that moisture and take on the flavor of what they are put into. This makes them a wonderful healthy addition to any recipe, whether sweet or savory.


.About our recipes

In this site I will tell you how to make and use chia gel. In general you will need to hydrate the seeds (ie make a gel) before adding the seeds to any recipe or when adding to a liquid dish, such as a soup, pudding or smoothie, allow the mixture to stand for at least 10 minutes so the chia seeds can expand, soften and take up the flavor of your main ingredients .

There is also information on how to make chia puddings of various kinds and chia drinks including chia fresca and smoothies.

There is information on how to make and use ground chia, how to make cookies and pancakes using ground chia, plus recipes for main courses, soups and desserts.

I have also included some of my own favourite recipes, including chia pinole, and a chia pan bread for you to enjoy, together with simple ideas on how to use chia seeds in your everyday cooking.

There are recipes for both sweet and savory dishes. and many recipes are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and raw food enthusiasts.

Please enjoy these chia seed recipes.

243 Responses to “Chia Seed Recipes and Ideas”

  1. Type II worrier says:

    Hi! I just purchased my first 1 pound of chia mixed seeds, and am excited to get started using them. However, I have Type II diabetes, and I’m worried that the seeds might make my Blood Glucose Level (bgl) raise. Have you found any issues with this?
    Also, would I have to alter any measurement amounts because of my diabetes? What recipes would you most recommend for someone with this problem? Thanks so much!

    • admin says:

      Hi Type II worrier. The good news is that chia seeds digest slowly which tends to even out spikes and troughs in blood sugar level. As long as you are eating sensibly for your condition, adding chia seeds to your diet should not cause any problems and may be of benefit to you. With any new food its wise to start slowly ( say, 1 teaspoon) and gradually build up to 1 or 2 tablespoons per day. If you are taking any medication for your condition, see a doctor if you regularly eat chia seeds as your medication may need to be reduced. Chia seeds are a healthy food, used by humans for hundreds of years, not a fad, herb or a supplement. I would love to hear about your experience with chia.

    • Judy says:

      I have found doing my own studies that Chia Seeds is one of the best things for Diabetics I have several students and friends that take chia seeds and it has lowered the amount of insulin intake. Good luck to you I think you will find Chia will make you feel better overall

    • Nikkie says:

      I’m also type II and follow a really strict low carb regiment (A1C is now 6.1 YAY!) to avoid taking more medication. I don’t eat anything with flour, or starch etc since it makes my blood sugar spike – a lot. I’ve found that chia seeds, flax and almonds/nuts really help keeping my blood sugar balanced and avoid cravings, not to mention the fatty acids and other good nutrition they provide. I don’t feel deprived of anything. I use them instead of cereal for breakfast, and they help keep moisture (and stability) in cakes/breads made with almond flour – and the puddings are delicious. I just discovered this website and am really excited to try out the recipes!

    • GF Adventurer says:

      Hi Type 2,
      My mother is Diabetic and has through changing her diet got to the point where she does not need any medication.
      Chia Seeds, Pinto beans and Buckwheat are a big part of her diet as she is allergic to Gluten, corn and potato. She tends to avoid rice as it pushes the blood sugar levels up, however if you add chia seeds to a recipe that has something that pushes your blood sugar up then it will balance it out, same with the beans and Buckwheat.
      When she was told she was diabetic she went through alot of strips testing different meals and her blood sugar levels 3 hours later. She kept a journal and converted it into a spreadsheet so that she could track what was good and what she should cut out or have very little of. Her last test indicated Negative on being Diabetic.
      I hope this information can help others, but please remember that everyone is different and can react in different ways to the same methods

    • Hollie says:

      I was diagnosed with Type 2 a year and a half ago. I discovered chia seeds 6 months ago and have been taking 2 Tbsp everyday (usually mixed into my oatmeal in the mornings). Last month my doctor dropped my medication dosage in half and said if I can keep dropping my A1C and keep my blood glucose in a healthy range he will consider taking me off the medication altogether. I sincerely believe it is the chia seeds that helped me to equalize my blood sugar because I struggled so much before trying them.

  2. UNCLE JED says:

    hat do u have a newsletter?????

    • admin says:

      I don’t have a newsletter Uncle Jed, but I do keep in touch with my readers by answering queries and comments.

  3. jackie says:

    I made a great breakfast/snack today.
    In a pint sized jar or bowl with sealable lid add
    I sliced banana. In a seperate bowl mix 1T. Chia seeds,1/4 C. fruit (I used blueberries)1/2 C. almond milk and 3 T. wholegrain oats mix together and pour over banana. Seal and put in frig over night.
    Next morning open and eat!! Its one of the best things I have ever eaten and sooo healthy!!

  4. Melissa says:

    Can I put some in my morning coffee? If so, should I do the gelled seeds or dry?

    • admin says:

      Always add dry chia seeds to a liquid Melissa and stir it between sips to keep the seeds from clumping in the bottom. However, I don’t think chia seeds in coffee would be very nice. I would rather have a coffee flavored pudding.

      • Julie says:

        FYI — I love my coffee concoction: Soak 1T chia seeds in 1/2 filled mug of coffee, plus a little sweetener. Wait til seeds are puffy, at least the size of tomato seeds. Them I fill the cup with almond milk.

        • admin says:

          So glad to hear from you again Julie 🙂 Your chia coffee drink would be very filling, nutritious and sustaining. I love the flavor combination of almond milk and coffee, and its great that you have found a way of having chia seeds that you love. I still think I would prefer to add more chia seeds, chill it and have it as a chia coffee pudding though – I like my coffe hot, strong and black!

          • joy says:

            I have put chia in my coffee before! Any time that I feel that super-low blood sugar feeling or the afternoon exhaustion–I know I need to eat some chia. I mix it with any liquid I have and eat it as a cereal. Some days I only have coffee left from the morning and it is better than mixing with water–needs to take on some flavor. I need now to find recipes to sneak it in to my family’s diet–they are not so into new foods 🙂

  5. Randa says:

    I just purchased my Chia seeds at Bobs Red Mill here in Oregon. The first (and so far only) thing I have tried them with is peanut butter. I add about 1 teaspoon dry seeds to 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter and use it for an apple dip as my afternoon snack. Goodness! I was full for hours. I don’t need to lose weight, but like most 50+ women, I do have to exercise self control to keep the pounds from creeping on. Late afternoon and evenings are my “cruise the kitchen time and eat whatever is easy” and chia seeds took that habit right out the window! I do notice the seeds stick between my teeth, so I am excited to try some of the gel recipes.

    • admin says:

      Hi Randa. I love chia fruit juice gel over plain yogurt. The puddings are also an easy way to have chia seeds. Before chia seeds, I was carrying around an extra 20 pounds due to the “50+ factor” . I lost it easily and it has not come back. You will find it much easier to exercise self control by adding a little chia to your diet plus having the fun of trying new recipes.

  6. Beata says:

    Using lukewarm tap water and recommending a Tupperware for storage? I think I am on the wrong site. Please, do some research before advertising.

  7. Jennifer D. says:

    I just started taking chia seeds yesterday. I was just wondering, if I add them to something like pudding, soup, or similar foods, is it better to add them dry, in the gel form, or does it really matter?

    • Jennifer D. says:

      Or lets say I wanted to make brownies from a box. How do I add the chia seeds, gel or dry, and how much?

      • admin says:

        If you add dry chia seeds to a brownie mix it would tend to dry out your finished brownies, so in this case adding in gel form is better. Many people substitute chia gel for the egg in packaged cakes. Try a thickish gel first, say 1 tablespoon of seeds in a quarter cup of water. If your misture is too watery you ca add a little more chia seeds. Experimet with different amounts of seed and water to get the results you like.

    • admin says:

      Chia seeds absorb liquid Jennifer. Add them dry to wet foods, such as puddings and soup. If you add a gel to these types of food, you dish will be diluted in flavor and it will not thicken.

  8. Tracie says:

    One thing I have noticed that noone has mentioned, and that is that the seeds are supposed to be grinded first in something like a coffee grinder. The author of “The Aztec Diet” states that using whole chia seeds will not be as effective as grinding them first. This is the method I use, and I am getting great results with the diet.

    • admin says:

      Interesting comment Tracie. The research I have read on chia seeds is very clear that itis not necessary to grind chia seeds to get the full nutritional value. This is one of the advatages that chia seeds have over flax seeds. I and many other people have had great weight loss results using the whole chia seeds. Grinding chia seeds may help people with weak digestion absorb more of the nutrients. I feel that its possibe the whole seeds may take a little longer to digest, thus keeping you feeling full a bit longer which would help with weight loss, but I have not read any acientific evidence to support this theory.

  9. mary barber says:

    this morning i made a microwaved banana muffin in a coffee cup: 1/4 cup chia seeds, 1 beaten egg, 1/2 tsp. baking powder, 1 packet of splendia, 1 Tbp. butter, & 1Tbsp. vanilla, 1/2 banana mashed, mix microwave approx. 55 seconds, flip over on a plate and enjoy! you can experiment with whatever you like- blackberries, raisins, dried cherries, nuts, etc.

    • Beata says:

      I read your comment with trepidation: exceptionally healthy chia seeds combined with Splenda and cooked in a microwave turns into a proper junk food.
      First: Splenda metabolizes into formaldehyde (unless you try to embalm yourself alive, please throw it out!).
      Second: microwave denatures protein, destroys EPA and turn good food into a dead food).

      Good luck in using your chia seeds !

      • admin says:

        Thanks for your comments Beata. Although I agree with you, I like to think that we are all somewhere along the path to improving our diets. For some people, trying chia seeds is a first or early step in this process.

      • Laura says:

        Try using Stevia as an alternative to Splenda. I use Stevia In The Raw brand. Stevia is no calorie and is a plant.

        • Jalane Hancock says:

          I just tried a meatloaf with chia and flax seeds for the simple reason I was too lazy to go to store for more eggs today. I normally use 2 pounds ground venison and one pound of venison sausage, bread crumbs or a cup of oatmeal as a binder. I think my meatloaf thus far looks to be too liquidy.
          I like to be able to slice mine . I just poured off some liquid and added a teaspoon of chia on top and the poured my BBQ sauce over them. I have 2 loaf pans full .I always add chopped carrots, celery and 3 good sized white chopped onions. Sometimes 1/2 pack of taco seasonings oregano, bayleaf,& garlic. My husband prefers a good barbq base rather than tomato based sauce, but I added one small can of stewed tomatoes today as well. It all has another 45 mns in the oven , wish me luck..

          • admin says:

            Well Jalane, I hope your meatloaf recipe turned out well. From reading what you put into it, I feel it would have been less “liquidy” with more chia seeds in it and having the seeds mixed through your meatloaf rather than on top. The chia seeds would then have soaked up the excess liquid without changing the taste of your recipe. Full marks for trying the experiment though 🙂

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks this sounds delicious!! I just wrote it down. I use splenda instead of sugar to sweeten cut up fruit. I may experiment and replace the egg with egg beaters and maybe less butter. i cant wait to try it 🙂

  10. Staci says:

    Can I add Chia seeds to my ground beef recipes? Such as meatloaf & hamburger?

    • admin says:

      Yes you can Staci. You can use ground chia seeds or whole chia seeds for this. Experiment a little to get the mixture you like. Too much ground chia seed will make your mixture dry so start small. Good luck 🙂

  11. I absolutely love chia seeds… especially for breakfast

    this is my favorite recipe

    It’s sooooooo good and really unique plus it gives me tons of energy for the day

  12. Sarah says:

    Do they have to be ground or soaked to get the benefits? I like them sprinkled over my salads but not sure if they breakdown this way.

    • admin says:

      Keep enjoying chia seeds sprinkled over your salads Sarah. Unlike flax seeds, they do not have to be ground for you to absorb the nutrients. Its not necessary to soak them either. Many people like their chia seeds chrunchy.

  13. Taylor says:

    If you drink chia seeds with water, is you body still able to absob the water to hydrate you?

    • admin says:

      Hi Taylor. My golden rule is “If you eat chia seeds dry or in baked goods, make sure to drink extra water, but if you drink chia seeds in liquid it’s not necessary to drink extra water.” This works well for me.

  14. Mei-Yee Jones says:

    I’m new to all this and bought some chia seeds but haven’t done anything with them yet. please can you let me know if I was to put them in homemade pineapple and passionfruit juice, how long would it keep as gel in the fridge.


    • admin says:

      Hi Mei-Yee. It should keep for a couple of days in any juice in the fridge. You can store dry chia seeds for up to 2 years in the cupboard, but once they are in any sort of juice or pudding they should be used more quickly.

  15. cristy says:

    I have a three year old who likes smoothies. Just wondering how much chia seeds I should add to his smoothie?

    • admin says:

      Always start small Cristy. To start with, add half a tespoon of chia seeds to his smoothie. If your child accepts this, then you could increase it to one teaspoon over time.

  16. Tricia says:

    I’ve been using them for the last couple months. So far only in my morning oatmeal (usually 2 tbsp). I prefer them to flax as they don’t have a strong flavour and add more of a crunchy quality than glutenous. I have struggled with constipation most of my adult life and find that chia has been amazing for this and I’m now looking for more ways to incorporate it into other meals throughout the day. So, that’s why I’m here. Thanks to the person who mentioned buying it Costco. I’m gonna check out my local Costco cause right now I’m buying smaller bags of it from Whole Food stores and I go through it pretty quickly.

    • Tahnia says:

      Hi Tricia, have you looked to see if your Whole Foods has a bulk aisle. You can get a pretty good deal on certain items there plus you can choose what quantity you want. You scoop what you want in these plastic bags. I love that they started to do that. It makes trying new things out cheaper. That’s how I got my chia seeds. Good luck

  17. Ken says:

    Hi there, I’m not sure if this is still a working site but I figured i’d try. I am just learning about chia seeds just tonight from a documentary called “Hungry for Change” (which I haven’t even completed yet due to them talking of chia seeds and me immediately looking up information.) I was just curious about taking them with a glass of water. Is that all that is recommended for any reason, or can you have more? And can you just add them to the water and drink it right then and there? I kept hearing to put them in water and let them soak over night. Is that necessary just to drink it in water, or is that just to make the gel to add in recipes? I just want to be clear on it. Thank you for your time.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ken. Chia seeds are a food and they can be used in many ways. The easiest way to take them is in a glass of water – no need to soak them. However, it gets rather boring to just drink them in water when they can be added to soups and casseroles or made into fruit juice gels and various puddings, smoothies etc. Soaking the chia seeds for more than 10 minutes will make a gel and thicken whatever liquid they are put into. This is the basis of many recipes. I hope this clears things up for you. I know I was very confused when I first started using them.

      • Ken says:

        haha I’m not the big cooking type, but am just looking for more healthy things to eat. Being that I’m not a cook, the glass of water thing seems just right for me. But if I do start getting the cooking thumb, I will remember to give it a whirl. Thanks for the response!

        • I bought both packets that were on the shelf at PnP Boksburg South Africa yesterday and was reading on here how to use it as I am not a cook myself and I eat most things raw anyway being a health freak. I saw that one lady here mixes her chia seeds with peanut butter; so I soaked them first in some hot water and when they were like jelly I mixed in a teaspoon of macadamia nut butter. It didn’t taste bad at all, but tomorrow I shall try and just mix the dry seed with the macadamia nut butter. I am also going to add it to my veggie juice in the mornings. We only get them in very small packets of 100g and is very expensive at about $4 per packet. I also just tried to give my cat Mr. Biggelsworth some, but he didn’t like the macadamia nut butter smell I suppose so he did not eat it. Hmmmm,,,fussy little fur ball. Greetings from South Africa.

          • admin says:

            Hi Marietjie from South Africa. I found that as more people began using chia seeds, the packets became bigger and cheaper in the shops. I hope that happens for you as well. You will find that if you put dry chia seeds in a nut butter, it will remain crunchy. (Which many people like, including myself). Chia seeds are a wonderful addition to vegetable juice and also fruit juice, especially in the morning for an energy boost.

  18. Elain says:

    Hi, I used to drink chia seeds in the morning with hot honey in empty stomach. Please advise any suitable time to drink chia seeds?

  19. nell says:

    I am a type 2 diabetic and thought chia would help blood sugar and elevated LDL. When I was taking them in broth on their own my blood sugar spiked. I have since added them to food and find that they do indeed help blood sugar in the long run. I even make an almond chia breakfast bun. I don’t know yet whether or not they help my LDL but they do definitely help the blood sugar.

  20. Mary says:


    I ground my Chia seeds straight from the package then add a teaspoon to my yogurt. Is that a beneficial way of taking them?

    • admin says:

      Yes Mary its fine to have chia seeds that way. When I have yogurt with chia seeds, I have a plain unsweetened yogurt and add a fruit gel chia seed topping. Its very nice as well as being healthy.

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