Chia Coffee Cream Dessert

I like to have this dessert when I feel like indulging myself but still want to have something that’s relatively healthy. You can omit the cream, but it tastes much better with it.


Ingredients – for two serves

1 cup of double strength coffee

1 rounded dessertspoon of gelatin powder

Half a cup of milk

1 Tablespoons of cream

1 Tablespoon of chia seeds white or black

sweetener to taste – preferably stevia



Take two bowls. Put the gelatin in one, the chia seeds and sweetener in another.

Prepare the strong coffee. Make sure it is at or near boiling point for the next step.

Pour half onto the gelatine and the other half onto the chia seeds.

Stir the gelatin/coffee mix until gelatin is dissolved.

Occasionally stir the coffee/chia seed mix to prevent clumping.

Leave both to cool to room temperature – about half an hour.

Add milk, cream to the coffee/gelatin mixture. Blend on high speed to aerate the mixture.

Add the coffee/chia mix and stir through until its evenly dispersed.

Pour into a mould, refrigerate, and leave to chill and set. While this dessert is setting, stir the mixture occasionally so that the chia seeds do not settle on the bottom.

Unmould or spoon onto dessert plate when set.


The chia seeds absorb and intensify the strong, sweet coffee taste and they give an intense burst of flavour while you are eating this dessert.

This dessert is great served with lychees or pears.

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  1. chiapatti says:

    This sounds good, and inexpensive… I have always loved coffee desserts especially. I also use stevia so this is a good chia recipe I can tell I will love it! thanks!

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