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Soup with chia seeds

Adding chia seeds to soup is a very easy way to add the goodness of chia seeds into your diet. Many people like to have a cup of instant soup as part of a quick lunch or pick-me-up, especially if they are busy.three instant soups with chia seeds


While I don’t like instant soups ( as a rule they have very little nutrition to them, and they often consist of mainly additives and chemicals) adding one tablespoon of chia seeds to an instant soup adds good nutrition and more energy to something that is very low in nutritional value.

Above is a collection of instant soups fortified with chia seeds. The recipe is simple. Just stir in one tablespoon of chia seeds to the dry mix and add hot water – stir to mix all ingredients together, and let the soup mix stand for a moment to thicken.

The chia seeds will soften and swell as well. For those people who regularly eat instant soup this is an excellent way to add good nutrition. The soups shown here are spicy pumpkin, a thai chicken soup and a tomato soup. Each one has a tablespoon of chia seeds added before the hot water is added to the soup mix. Such a quick and easy recipe!

However, it is not hard to make your own soup . You will be getting superior nutrition and by adding a tablespoon of chia seeds per serve of soup, you end up with a more satisfying, hearty and nourishing meal. Although the recipes below are for one person it is easy to double, treble or quadruple the mixture if necessary-however many people you want to serve.


easy vegetable soup with chia seeds

easy vegetable soup with chia seeds

Easy Vegetable Soup with chia for one person



One cup of chopped, mixed vegetables (I used a selection of green vegetables, carrots and onion I found in a packet of stir fry vegetables I had in the fridge)

1 cup of water

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

pinch of tarragon powder

pinch of dried coriander

sea salt to taste – about quarter of a teaspoon

black pepper to taste



The easiest method is to put everything in a saucepan.

Cook on the stove top for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Blend and enjoy.


However I like to cook my vegetables, give them one or two pulses of the blender if needed (depending how big the vegetable pieces are) and add the chia seeds whole a few minutes before serving. It looks nicer and I like to think it has better nutrition because the chia seeds are not cooked.


Potato corn chowder with chia seeds (for one)


Ingredientspotato corn chowder with chia seeds

1 small potato diced

quarter of an onion chopped finely

half a cup of water

half a cup of milk or milk equivalent – I often use oat milk

one teaspoon of turmeric

pinch of sea salt

pinch of nutmeg

quarter of a cup of corn kernels

1 tablespoon of chia seeds



Cook potato, onion and spices in the liquid for 10 to 15 minutes.


Add corn and chia seeds

Reheat if necessary

Allow to stand for a couple of minutes to let the chia seeds absorb liquid and soften.


The above soups are ideal to take to work and reheat for a quick, nourishing, filling and low calorie meal.




Chocolate Cherry Chia Pudding

My new favorite dessert

This pudding is very thick, smooth and delicious. Although it tastes decadent, it uses healthy ingredients. Based on the favorite Australian chocolate bar called Cherry Ripe, a concoction of dark chocolate, cherries and coconut, it is simple to make and makes a wonderful dessert.

This pudding is very thick and can be set in a smooth sided rammekin or glass and unmoulded using a knife to loosen it. The flavor and texture is a little like a chocolate mousse.

Ingredients per serve

choc cherry chia photo by C Pudney

One half cup of coconut milk

2 teaspoons of raw cacao powder

2 Tablespoons of milled chia seeds

1 teaspoon of granulated palm sugar

10 to 12 pitted cherries – fresh if you can or drained canned cherries

Coconut chips to garnish


Blend together the coconut milk, cacao powder and coconut palm sugar until the sugar is dissolved. A stick blender or magic bullet is ideal

chia choc cherry set in a glass and turned out

for this.

Add the milled chia seedsand stir well, then stir in half the cherries.

Pour into a bowl or a rammekin or glass if you wish to unmould it.

Leave to set in the fridge for at least an hour.

Serve garnished with the rest of the cherries and some coconut chips.


Leave the pudding to set in a small plastic container and freeze it, then unmould for a frozen dessert treat.

Chia Brownies

Here are 3 chia brownie recipes for you to enjoy. The use of chia seeds enables you to use less butter than in a traditional brownie recipe. I have substituted about half of the butter with chia gel.

Bitter Orange Brownies

bitter orange chia brownies

This is my favorite brownie recipe. It is has very adult flavor. The bitterness comes from the use of organic raw cacao powder. If you do not like this, substitute with a more commercial sweetened cocoa powder. The addition of orange zest also adds to the bitter flavor and can be omitted if desired. These brownies are very filling.


2 Tablespoons of chia seeds

1 cup of unsweetened orange juice

4 Tablespoons of granulated coconut palm sugar (high in vitamins and minerals and low GI)

1 third of a cup of soft butter

1 egg

Half a teaspoon of baking powder

1 quarter cup of raw cacao powder (or commercial sweetened cocoa powder if you prefer)

1 cup of flour of your choice. I like to use coconut flour.

1 orange (optional) to make zest from the peel


Soak the seeds in the orange juice to make a gel. Set aside for 10 minutes so the seeds soften.

Cream the butter and sugar together until creamy.

Add the chia orange juice gel and the egg and blend – I use my magic bullet.

Finely grate a tablespoon of orange peel into the mixture (optional)

Stir in the dry ingredients

Bake in an oiled square or oblong pan in a moderate oven for 25 minutes.

Serve hot with cream, custard , ice-cream or yogurt or cold.

Sweet Blueberry Chia Brownies

This is the same basic recipe as above, but

Use blueberry juice to make a gel.

Add half a cup of fresh or frozen blueberries to the mixture before baking.

Apple Chia Brownies

Once again, the same basic recipe is used, but

Use apple juice to make a gel

Add half a grated raw apple to the mixture before baking.

Speedy Chia Crunchy Breakfast

In a hurry? It only takes a minute to make this delicious chia breakfast. Whe the weather is warm its one of my favorite ways to have aquick, hearty chia breakfast. Its bound to be a favorite with people who enjoy their chia seeds whole and crunchy instead of gelled or blended. I’m sure you can think of many variations to the recipe below. I would love to hear your own ways of adapting it.


raw fruit – preferably something that doesn’t have to be cut up, like berries or grapes

Half to one cup of crunchy cereal such as a toasted muesli

1 to 2 tablespoons of black or white chia seeds

Milk or other liquid (coconut milk, almond milk, fruit juice)



Into the bowl goes some washed seedless grapes

speedy chia breakfast

step one

Add your crunchy cereal. I used a cruchy toasted, honeyed muesli with dried fruit

Step 2

Add your chia seeds, black or white

Step 3

Add milk or other liquid

Step 4

Enjoy your breakfast!

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Chia Berry Fruit Spread


This is a very simple substitute for sugar laden spreads. Its easy to make and very healthy. If you want it sweeter, just add a pinch or two of stevia.


300 grams of fresh frozen mixed berries (about 10 ounces)

1 and a half Tablespoons of chia seeds – black or white.

a little stevia if required.


Thaw the fruit and push the fruit and juice through a seive. This takes out most of the seeds and the harder skins of the berries

Alternatively put the fruit and juice through a blender until its smooth.

I prefer to use a seive which leaves me with 1 to 2 teaspoons of skin and seed left over.

Stir in 1 and a half Tablespoons of chia seeds and leave to thicken for 10 to 12 minutes.

Add stevia if deserired.

If you would like this spread a little thicker, add more chia seeds, one teaspoon at a time.

Here is a photo of the finished spread

chia berry fruit spread

Try it on some chia pan bread with whipped cream or yogurt.

chia pan bread with fruit spread and yogurt

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